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Airport Metals' main business is the supply of metals to aircraft manufacturers and operators. Metals used in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft must necessarily be strong and light and come from highly reliable sources. These attributes are just as necessary for metals used in race car manufacture and modification. Since material stocked by us must be suitable, without compromise, for direct application on aircraft it therefore comes only from the best mill sources and it is supplied with test documentation to prove that it complies with the highest applicable standards.

CHROME MOLY TUBE is widely used in race and rally cars for chassis, roll cage and suspension component manufacture. Originally popular for aircraft structural frames it is still widely used in light aircraft for engine mountings and undercarriage components. The "chrome" and "moly" refer to the small percentages of chromium and molybdenum added to steel to give strength and hard wearing characteristics. The most common chrome moly alloy type is 4130 which provides an excellent compromise between strength and ease of welding. There is a frequent misconception that 4130 tube is lighter than mild steel tube; 4130 actually weighs about the same as mild steel but because it is considerably stronger weight savings can be achieved by using smaller sections of it. Airport Metals stocks a wide range of sizes of aircraft grade seamless 4130 tube which we only source from top quality North American or European mills. For the current list of available stock sizes click on your selection of the product types listed at the bottom of this page.

CHROME MOLY SHEET is similarly used where strength and hard wearing is needed with minimum weight penalty. Applications range from sump guards and floors to suspension and chassis brackets. For available thicknesses click on your selection of the product types listed at the bottom of this page.

CHROME MOLY TUBE ENDS & WELDING ROD. It makes no sense to mix high strength 4130 material with lower strength end fittings and weld filler. For details of current stock sizes of weld-in threaded tube adaptors and welding rod e-mail

Other aircraft materials that ideally cross over to race car use include ALUMINIUM TUBE, ALUMINIUM SHEET, ALUMINIUM PLATE, TITANIUM SHEET, STREAMLINE TUBE (also known as Aerofoil, Aerotube, and Teardrop tube) in both aluminium and 4130, and solid bar and rod sections in ALUMINIUM, 4130 CHROME MOLY, and TITANIUM. For details of stock currently available in Australia click on your selection of the product types listed below.

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